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Lhome bicentenari i altres relats Isaac Asimov

Lhome bicentenari i altres relats

Isaac Asimov

253 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Ah the temptation of reading more Asimov short stories is always a hard one to resist. This is another classic collection which for me I think sums up a lot of what made Asimov and his Robots so famous - the title story I think sums it all up. Asimov was determined to make the machines that think more than tools and less a monster and I think although we have a long way still to go he certainly has helped us along the way.But this book is not all about robots, there is spread of all sorts from mystery to pure science fiction. That I think adds to the appeal of Asimov you just do not know what the next story is about just you will get the same quality of story telling.And finally there is the Chris Foss cover - it was these books with his covers that really drew me in science fiction and even to this day I will read these books purely because of the covers - shallow I know but it gave my growing mind something to fixate on even if they had no relevance to the contents of the book.