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The Long Sweet Smell of Home Erzebet YellowBoy

The Long Sweet Smell of Home

Erzebet YellowBoy

Published January 14th 2013
Kindle Edition
7 pages
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 About the Book 

The Long Sweet Smell of Home: A Rose & Briar Fairy TaleROSE & BRIAR is a series of ten original and retold fairy tales by author and artist Erzebet YellowBoy, including eight previously published and two unpublished short stories. Some are as sweet as the scent of a rose, others are painful as briars. Each one is available as an individual ebook, exclusively on Amazon.Erzebet YellowBoy lives in rural France with her husband and a posse of wild cats. Her work has appeared in Fantasy Magazine, Not One of Us, Electric Velocipede, Behind the Wainscott, and in the anthologies Running with the Pack and Haunted Legends, among others. Her novel, Sleeping Helena, was released by Prime Books in 2010. For more information visit www.erzebet.com.Fairy tales in this series include:A Princes KissA Remedy for SorrowA Spell for Twelve BrothersA Sure and Certain SongAt the CoreBirds EyeMisha and the MonthsThe Green DragonThe Long Sweet Smell of HomeWhat a Queen does with her Hands